The Second Date – Let´s Have Some Fun

It has been quiet a while since we started our journey of the Self-Love-Sofa. We hope you were able to experience a deeper connection with yourself and maybe even continued going on these lovely dates with yourself. Today we want to continue this journey of self-discovery and reconnection with the self. And for those of you that found it rather challenging: we are glad that you decided to give yourself a second chance. So let´s get right into it.

Surprise Me

While last time was more focused on getting to know each other this time we want to inspire you to surprise yourself. What is something you have always been wanting to do? Maybe you have never found the courage to do this one thing. Well today is the day. The greatest gift you will receive by trying this out is self-trust, knowing that you always have your own back and there is nothing more powerful, confident or even sexy than that. And maybe you always wanted to do something with someone. Well don`t worry about that, because today is the day that you can simply do it on your own.

We often fall for the illusion that things are only worth doing when we do them with someone and share them with the world, but that is false. The greatest gift you can give yourself is realizing that the person you spend the most time with is you and the two of you deserve to have a wonderful time.

It doesn´t have to be a one time thing, but we suggest starting out small. After a while you will notice that you want to give yourself more quality time for example by deciding to go on a weekend trip by yourself or by learning a new language. Below we will give you a few short and long term examples to start out with. Make sure you really enjoy this adventure, this process of finding a worldwide freedom of self-exploration and enrichment.

Some Examples

Short Term

  • Play with your hair. Color it. Shave it. Cut it. Style it.
  • Go to the cinema, the theater by yourself.
  • Go to a restaurant for dinner or a breakfast picknick with yourself.
  • Go on a full-day hike to unknown regions.
  • Go on a little discovery walk. You will be surprised how little you know the region you live in when you leave the given paths.
  • Plant a tree or some flowers.

Long Term

  • Learn a new language.
  • Learn a new hobby like singing, playing an instrument, painting, surfing, dancing, etc.
  • Buy something old and renovate it.
  • Book a vacation just for yourself. Where did you always want to go? What place does your heart call for?

Our Special Date Suggestion: Try drawing yourself. It doesn`t matter, if you are any good at drawing or are talented. It is rather about really getting to know your physical appearance. You can put a cherry on top by drawing abstract art of how you would paint your being, your soul, your heart.

We wish you a lot of fun and hope to see you back here soon for the last post of the Self-Love-Sofa-Series – The Third Date. It will get serious, exciting and maybe even a bit romantic.

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