I Want All Of You – The Third Date

Welcome to our final post of “The Self-Love-Sofa” Series. Since three is a magical number and we believe that by now you got the hang of dating yourself we call this post the final one. This date is gonna be one of a kind – one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Get ready for a special night

Getting ready for a date can be so exciting, nerve-wracking, or even a lot of work, but this date deserves a special kind of getting ready. It is not about physical appearance or practicing some questions, but about releasing all the stress and tension. So let`s get ready!

Make sure you are undistracted. Maybe you like to light a candle or switch on your aroma diffuser with a delicious scent like lavender, vanilla, or sandalwood. Now take three deep breaths. With each inhale you take in the calmness of your space (Self-Love-Sofa) and with each exhale you release a little more of your worries, stress, and tension. Consciously enter this peaceful moment. Realize that you don´t need to be nervous about this date because deep down you have known the person that you are dating for a long time. Now start to connect with yourself. How do you truly feel at this moment? Ask yourself like you would a friend. Are you unrestful? Is this overload of work overwhelming you? Is this happiness authentic? Every emotion that comes up has a total right to be here. However, you feel is okay. Accepting whatever emotion comes is the first act of self-love you can give yourself during this date. Just sitting here with yourself and compassionately carrying yourself through every wave of emotion has you strengthen your relationship with yourself. Welcome every part of yourself, every emotion, every breath, every thought. Mindfully set the intention to not only tolerate yourself but rather accept fully. It is not about being perfect. It´s about being authentic.

Continue by focusing on your throat and notice the warm feeling you can sense there. Connect this warmth with the warm feeling of love in the center of your chest, in your heart. Now speak the following words with the kindness and softness your whole being deserves: “I want all of you”. You can repeat it as many times as you wish or simply enjoy the vibration of the words said. You just gave yourself the biggest gift you can give someone. You just made yourself a promise of loving yourself in your wholeness, with all your flaws, with all your talents, with all that you have been, all you are, and all you will be.

The vows “I want all of you” said with the right intention of kindness and care are the essence of healing the relationship with yourself. They created the moment that you married yourself.

If you are rather a physical person (and there is nothing wrong with that) we have a little tip for you. Go ahead and buy yourself a ring. This sign of infinity (because the ring has no beginning or ending) will be a lovely little reminder in your daily routine to reconnect to that special moment when you said yes. Yes to yourself!

The magic of this date: You thought you were just getting ready, but in the end, you already had your date. By totally entering the moment, by integrating all that mattered you had the best time. That is simply how life operates. By totally being in the moment you flow with life and get to enjoy what´s meant to be yours.

This is not the end, but a beautiful beginning

Even though this is our last post on this series, for now, we wish you to see the beauty of endings. Until now you have followed our advice and trusted our guidance on dating yourself, but from now you can learn to trust your own guidance and start to enjoy the feeling of self-confidence and strength this will create within yourself.

Like everything in life, this alliance that you have created with yourself will have its ups and downs and that is totally normal. It is a sign of self-reflection, growth, and healing. If you still need some support or advice from us just write us in the comments below. We are sure you won´t be the only one having questions, but for now, enjoy your “honeymoon” phase.

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