Free Material

This site holds all of the treasures we offer you for free. We truly hope you can take some useful information, tools, and inspirations with you. Enjoy!

The Tiny “Finding My Path” Workbook

Sometimes in life, we reach a place where we know that we are not satisfied with how our life is going and want to make changes, but don´t know where to start. Life is filled with possibilities. Our little “Finding My Path” Workbook is there to help you. Take a good cup of tea, and a pen, and enjoy working through the pages. Enjoy creating a path that uniquely suits your current situation.

The Self-Love Worksheet

Self-Love is a tough subject for a lot of people and is often misinterpreted. And that is why complementary to our article ‘The Definition of Self-Love’ we created this free worksheet. We hope you can take some valid information from it. Working with this sheet will make the process easier while you will gain a better understanding of yourself and what this topic means to you personally. Enjoy and consciously perceive how you get to know yourself better.

The Change Guide

We all have to make important decisions from time to time and quite a lot of people actually dislike it. That is why we decided to create a small guide with a few simple questions to ask yourself to become aware of what you truly want and how to get there. Making a decision is actually an amazing opportunity. Most people just tend to see the fear of failure when having to make a decision. They fear choosing the wrong thing and are afraid to be stuck with it forever. The truth is that when you listen to your inner voice, your intuition, your inner guidance, your soul, or however you want to name it it will most certainly be the right thing for you. It might not be the most beautiful, flawless thing, but it might just be the lesson you needed to learn. We call this little ‘survey’ The Change Guide because change is what people fear the most and it is the hardest decision to take. We hope that this little guide inspires you to be bold in your decisions and changes while leaving you with a sense of calm and confidence. And one last tip try to enjoy this process of possibilities.