How Healing Works – A Proper Guide To Healing

Healing isn´t quite as hard as many people believe. Years go by where old patterns are looked at and people still seem to suffer just as much as they did before.

Since there is so much confusion and wrong information on the market about healing we want to give you a guide on how to heal taking into consideration that it is an individual process.

Decleration: We were able to create this one fits all type of guide by being aware that no matter the cause the steps or rather the main structure is the same for everyone. You don´t have to follow a specific order since these steps should be taken considered within the individual state and strategies a person is dealing with. For example, if someone has experienced that their opinion was played down or devalued many times during childhood then this person may have a greater struggle with speaking up. Personality should also be taken into consideration during a healing process.

„Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual´s distinctive character.“ – Oxfords Languages

To differentiate between personality and learned behavior you have to look at the consequences that follow an action or state. If it brings a pleasant emotion only to the extent that it is followed by an unpleasant one it is learned and doesn´t align with your soul, but rather with an apprehension. 

What We Need Healing From

Nowadays the subject of trauma has become quite popular and it is needless to say that „yes, everyone has trauma“ and „yes, that is something we need healing from“. 

Trauma is when the mind can´t grasp what is happening and the nervous system goes into a protective mode which is fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. This state then becomes a memory within the system to protect in case of future invasions and similar scenarios. These „saved memories “ then cause changes in behaviors and perceptions which influence the current state. The protective mode can cronify when the trauma and memory within the body are not released which can then cause the protective response during moments of no threat or even 24/7.

What are triggers?

Triggers are simply a cause (a reminder) that creates a reaction within the body that recalls the trauma which then makes a person experience the „saved-up feelings“. So within the body, the person experiences the same emotions as in the moment that the trauma was created.

Avoiding triggers only creates peace by avoidance which is short-lived and thus only offers peace through constant avoidance which again creates a stress factor for the nervous system.

What Is Healing?

Healing from trauma is integrating the experienced emotions so that the experienced scenario can be let go of. 

Integrating or Killing?

Some preach that killing the parts of an experience, your past or a version of yourself will bring you peace. This strategy misses one very important functionality of the universe and us as humans – everything is ultimately connected while in constant motion.  

Only when all pieces are together the puzzle finally makes a whole picture.

When we try to get rid of something we do not accept it and dismiss our own reality, the truth that we have experienced something. Denile is fatale when it comes to healing. There is no ultimate truth since everyone experiences life differently, but denial is not being honest with oneself. It is when you know that something that took place or is taking place is so painful to you that you rather lie to yourself than admitting it ever existed. To heal we need truth. Not anybody else’s, but your truth. Being honest takes some time and bravery. You shouldn´t have to cross all your boundaries and through some harsh truth in your own direction. It´s about gently reminding yourself that you have survived some horrific things and are now capable of a broader knowledge than before. Don´t rate or label your experience just acknowledge your experience so your system gets a chance to reintegrate the emotions and sensations „lost“ and stuck within your system.

Integrating doesn´t mean that you approve of what happened. Integrating means acknowledging your suffering so you can experience healing. 

Why The Perfect Timing For Healing Is Now

The level on which the trauma was created will be the last step for healing.

Many wonder why their talk therapy didn´t bring the wanted result or rather they experience relief and some changes, but still need to continue to go to therapy or always fall back into old patterns and beliefs. This creates great frustration and a sense of „What is wrong with me and why can´t no one help me.“ The issue lies not within yourself, but the truth that our western system views humans not holistically which logically creates non-holistic healing (not all layers of the trauma are being healed).

The collaboration of body, mind, and soul is undismissable to create true healing. 

Whether the trauma was created through one horrific event or many, continues „unpleasantries “ does influence whether we see the trauma as an incident or our ubiquity and still it isn´t decisive for the three layers of body, mind and soul.

There are three levels within our system that get traumatized which makes trauma complex. 

Only when trauma is healed within the mind, the body, and the soul you will experience lasting healing.

  • Talk therapy and meditation will bring a broader understanding, coping strategies, and peace to the mind.
  • Body therapy through a healthy diet, movement, and intuitive release will set free stored tension, feelings stuck within the fascia, etc., and create a new sense of felt reality.
  • The level of the soul is misunderstood by many since it isn´t visible to the naked eye and must be perceived and guided by the soul itself. (If you struggle with the concept of soul maybe intuition is something you can work with.) Soul therapy is where emotions get released in a non-judgemental way through what has been your field of trauma. Explanation: This doesn´t mean that the soul is traumatized. It means that the soul intuitively knows healing on a greater spectrum than fear or any other human-experience colored limitation could ever influence.

For example: If someone experienced a great deal of shame when expressing emotions or wanted/needed to be the strong one and didn´t show emotions because they didn´t have a safe space then their level of soul therapy is: They now get to express their emotions within a safe space whenever they arise. Or when someones trauma was caused by their opinion not being valid they now have the chance to make their opinion matter and that first and foremost for themselves.

The soul level is the toughest one since we live in a society that quite frankly denies its existence but be assured it will arise on its own when the (right) time has come. 

To heal we need to respect ourselves enough so that we give ourselves the time it takes and by giving ourselves time we respect ourselves to an extent that creates greater healing.

Ultimate Healing

Sometimes healing takes time and other times it just feels like you made the biggest step of your life. Since healing is individual comparison won´t bring any results and is proof that there is still healing that needs to be done even though it is so common in society. If you want to know, if you have experienced healing so far just look out for the following signs:

  • Things that triggered you before now feel rather neutral.
  • You can hold yourself in stressful situations.
  • You can catch yourself when you notice a downward spiral.
  • You encounter everything with compassion.
  • Survival structures and behaviors like comparison, emotional eating, etc. are less present and maybe even just fall away by themselves.
  • It is easier for you to take care of yourself and it has become an implicitness.

Life is a flow which simply means it is in constant motion and change is inevitable.

You have reached the mindset of healing when you don´t worry about the changes in life and trust that your capacity to heal is of natural origin and ubiquitous.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and only provide information from personal experience and accessible resources. We only want to offer information as integral support. This doesn´t replace seeing a professional. When you need any help please reach out to a medical, psychologist, psychotherapist, or any other support offering authority/instance. There are many available all around the world.

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