Change Ahead

Why Do You Want Change?

Can you see a better life for yourself or are you trying to run away from something? While we are pretty sure you have experienced a contraction or a defensive feeling during the second part of reading the question we are also sure you have made the first good step toward change by continuing to read. Whenever a blockage or uneasy feeling appears we tend to turn around and go back into our comfort zone, but you just proved your desire for change is bigger than your desire to stay within that cozy zone.

Try answering the following questions for yourself to make sure your intentions are set and clear:

  • Do I want change, because I want to leave something behind or because I want to create something new?
  • Do I want change for the thrill of it or do I want lasting change?
  • Can I create this change by myself? If not why? If others could make things easier or harder what options are there to reduce or increase their influence?

There is one more question that may not be quite as easy to answer but is a very important one since it reduces the chance of a change of opinion or rather motivation. This can leave someone halfway through and still at zero and lets your energy just burn through. So be honest with yourself right from the start to avoid a detour.

  • What are the negative effects this journey of change could have or what are the negative effects the desired change itself could have?

Create Structure

Now that you have figured out what you want and don´t want it is time to create a plan. If you are a freedom-loving or spontaneous person don´t worry your plan will be perfectly suitable and will not restrict you in any way.

Start by writing your goal in the middle of a piece of paper and circle it. Continue by thinking of every single thing that influences this one goal and write them across the sheet, circle them and draw a line from the goal to each word. Now make a little listing underneath each of these words what you can do to influence the things that influence your goal. By changing these little habits, by doing these little things real change will be created over time. This piece of paper is now your plan and it doesn´t just give you a good overview, but also little tasks and things to look out for that you can easily accomplish while leaving you with little moments of success as a reward.

Love Is A Good Ingredient

Things won´t always go as smoothly as you hope, but there is magic within the struggle. The struggle creates a momentum of pause and sometimes we realize then that we actually thrive for something we don´t want or that we want to redirect our current journey. Other times it just blesses us with the request to rest and take it at a slower pace.

Desire can give us drive or it can leave us burned out.

Whatever the struggle may be the best way to overcome it is actually through patience and compassion two characteristics that are subcategories of love. When putting yourself into this cozy blanket of self-love you can let go of the resistance and accept the flow or stagnance of the current situation and focus on taking good care of yourself.

Patience doesn´t equal laziness or a lack of stamina. Patience means you accept that everything in life has a natural rhythm.

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