Uncertainty – The Moment of Options

A chapter ends, a door closes, and now? Now we are left with a sense of emptiness. We miss the action, the possibilities, and maybe even the chaos. Now there is silence…

The Silence

In this world filled with so much noise and business silence has become a strange experience for a lot of people. After a day of work people go home to enjoy some me-time, but is that period really filled with ourselves when all we do is chat with family, watch tv, or scroll on social media? Is the point of me-time that we do what we want or is it about spending quality time with just ourselves? (More on this topic coming soon!)

Silence can feel rather strange because we are used to the noise of getting covered with information 24/7. But silence in reality is a gift. It is not a sign that you are missing out on life, but rather that you have a chance to discover what it really is about. When you consciously and purposely go into the quiet you can start to hear yourself again. We are so used to believing that our behavior and our habits are our choice, but we are mostly controlled, influenced, and directed by all the opinions and norms that are preached to us on a daily basis. The moment that we enter the stillness we get a chance to hear what we truly believe to be our purpose, we get to hear our own dreams again and most importantly we get to connect with our essence. This emptiness to which you were “condemned” is an invitation – an invitation to visit a long-lost friend- Your Self!

When Nothing is Certain Everything is Possible

When you are on a certain path, when you know where you are going you feel a sense of security, but what if we tell you that all you experience is an illusion that society made you believe so you would follow the given paths. A person that is certain of themselves and knows where they are going regardless if someone has already created and laid out the path or not has a sense of self-trust that will bring them eventually to their destination no matter how big the dream is.

The biggest blockage between you and the life of your dreams, the life you deserve to live is you. Realizing this is the first step towards resolving the obstacle. Now it’s a matter of choice. Fighting won´t resolve the issue since it is what created it in the first place. It was created to keep you safe. So a good question is are you willing to lovingly let the blockage melt away through compassion and awareness?

Are you willing to let go of the old structures to welcome the person you are meant to be?

Bringing the opposite quality to the surface to the one that has created the blockage will help you resolve the obstacle.

Welcome The Blessing

So next time when life seems not to offer you new chances, new connections and your previous life is running out of possibilities and dynamic – welcome the uncertainty! See all the beautiful options right in front of you: the invitation to connect with yourself, finding your truth, the possibility to create a new path, your own path, and start a new journey in alliance with your heart.

Uncertainty is the universe giving you a chance to rearrange your life.

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