The Book Share Shelf

Who doesn´t love a good book? Books can be our companion for pretty much every life situation and this is why we find it so important to share with you our absolute favorites. We devided them into different categories and topics and for each one we wrote a little evaluation. The list will be upgrated/renewed once we have gathered some incredible new readings. Enjoy!


Astro Power by Chani Nicholas

A perfect book for astrology beginners. Chani explains where you can create your own chart, how to read it and how the planets, houses and placements define your unique chart. This book can be simply read or can be used as a great reference work. The gathered knowledge creates a better understanding of oneself.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is a gift to your creativety. Wether you want to become more creative, strengthen your talents or just want to understand what creativity is – this book will be your easy read guide. It does´t really offer instructions on improving certain skills (even though Elizabeth talks a lot about writing, since it´s her passion), but it´s a lovely reminder of why creativety is so essential for our being and our soul. Big Magic is a motivational love declaration to creativity.


The Why Cafe by John Strelecky

Wisdom wrapped in a novel. This very well written story holds many thought-provoking impulses and stimulates a new way of looking at life, ones own choices and structures in everyday life. It simply starts out with a lost protagonist and ends with a heart full of hope and motivation to make changes which also applies to the reader.


The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape

This collection of 18 of the world’s most famous spiritual teachers including Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza and Eckhart Tolle is an homage to the heart. The collected wisdome and quotes are a guide to ones own truth and thus one owns path.

Who follows the heart is on the right path.

HER. by Pierre Alex Jeanty

This little poetry collection is not only suitable for women, but a summary of the beauty of the feminine energy and it´s influence in relationships and the power she has on her partner and in the world as a whole. A perfect book for a sensual poem a day.

The world is dominanted by the masculine energy. We need to reintegrate the feminine so we can be whole again. Balance will only be regained when the feminine and the masculine coexist in equal messures.

Tears Worn Like Jewelry by Naomi Poppe

A little poetry guide for when you are lost for words. Wethere it may be because of absolute joy or hopelessness. This small book has a suitable poem for every mood and every emotional state which can make you feel understood or can help you define and express your condition. The poems start out in darkness and become pure light.

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